A solo project and exhibition by photographer Elise Dumontet, in partnership with G.F Smith “Skin We’re In” is an emphatic and audacious photographic project celebrating a wide spectrum of body imperfections and the power of personality that lies within them. 

Elise, an advertising beauty photographer for the best part of 20 years, is telling a visual story of imperfections. From spots, wrinkles, moles, freckles and stretch marks to amputation scars and limb differences. Imperfections which the beauty & fashion industry, and by extension society, still airbrushes and stigmatises.

Through her personal journey and a collaboration with Zebedee Management, an agency representing models that have either been born with a limb difference or had an amputation, Elise has created a photographic commentary on body acceptance, representation and the un-retouched realness of the human skin.

“I have for a while been trying to step away from the overly retouched images we see in magazines. My work has become more real and more in tune with what women expect to see when using the products I’m trying to sell. They want to see reality. Falling in love with real skin has been the starting point of this piece of work. Not only stop correcting imperfections but making them a real feature of what makes all of us”. – Elise Dumontet

The exhibition showcased approximately 80 photographic works.

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